Azpirasi Dance Group
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Azpirasi was founded in 2000 with less than 10 members. Having performed a number of shows all over Singapore, the dancers have shown an extreme level of commitment and dedication to their craft. With this in mind, Azpirasi strives to heighten one's sensorial experiences by exposing the individual to an array of colours and sounds. Azpirasi has matured over the years through collaborations with other professional and semi- professional dance troupes in and around the region. What was once just a vague dream of main choreographer and "father", Azmi Juhari, it is now a group that dares to aspire, dream and inspire. Over the years, much has been done to refine and hone its craft and now, we proudly present to you- Azpirasi.

"Tari bukan sebarang tari
Tari Melayu kau dan aku
Menari jangan sebarang menari
Menari padat ilmu dan laku"